Post-Classical Finance

Digital Currencies // Autonomous Financial Instruments // The Financialisation of Everything

CODE is money. Money is code.

Welcome to the post-classical financial era.

Everything we understand about how money works - including finance and the economy, plus everything else touched by money - it's all changing. Money is going digital and becoming 'new money'. Money is turning into code and becoming 'smart money'. And everything is turning into money - the financialisation of everything.

What is post-classical finance?

This 20-minute introduction to "Post-Classical Finance" opens with the basics of digital currencies - from Bitcoin all the way through China's 'digital yuan' and currencies from the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Bank of England, Facebook's Diem, and others; continues with an easy-to-understand explanation of 'smart contracts' - computer programs that turn money into code, or code into money; and concludes with NFTs - 'non-fungible tokens' - transforming into a new asset class that is rapidly enabling the financialisation of everything.

don't take Our word for it.
Here's what The economist is saying.

"TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE is upending finance. Bitcoin has gone from being an obsession of anarchists to a $1trn asset class that many fund managers insist belongs in any balanced portfolio. Swarms of digital day-traders have become a force on Wall Street. PayPal has 392m users, a sign that America is catching up with China’s digital-payments giants. Yet, as our special report explains, the least noticed disruption on the frontier between technology and finance may end up as the most revolutionary: the creation of government digital currencies, which typically aim to let people deposit funds directly with a central bank, bypassing conventional lenders.

These “govcoins” are a new incarnation of money..."

A simple test shows whether a digital currency improves upon its classical analog. Read it here.

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